Ah Ciliz And Kisin Go The Movies
November 12th, 2009

Ah Ciliz And Kisin Go The Movies

What’s Hood people?

To any new readers to this comic I want to say Hello and welcome. I’m sure you will enjoy the weekly musings of the Ants on a regular basis. I rarely write a post here but this week I wanted to do a little promotion a bit.

I got a post on the Comic DC blog, you can read it here.

And my friend Shawn Pryor aka Stan Leeroy of PKD media did a nice review on his new podcast the PKD Black Box
. He also did a reading of my tweets about the Mario Bros., you should most def give it a listen.

Also please vote for my webcomic at Top Webcomics it doesn’t take that long and it’s helps me promote the comic. The vote link is below.

Thanks Hollarate!

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