Balloon Animals
October 22nd, 2009

Balloon Animals


  1. nate martin

    funny. i will say i feel you ::pause:: on the not really news worthy tip. you gotta admit on the other hand that is a change of pace from the topics mentioned above that are really serious but get a gross amount of attention already. overall although the subject is something that doesn’t warrant serious journalism’s attention in my opinion. that is unless we want to touch on the subject of bad parenting in America. i have said before the absence of the father in the household has been to the detriment of the American society and the social conditions we see now are evidence of that dearth of a paternal figure. that is not to say single mother don’t hold it down but a single mother can never be a father. [and vice versa] i believe if i have my facts straight, this father literally was not paying attention to his child. that seems to me like a microcosm for the macrocosm or parental responsibility in this country. on a lighter note, i like the halftone pattern for the shading. what’d you do there? layer mask or make a brush out of it?

  2. Alan


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