V: The Final Theory
November 5th, 2009

V: The Final Theory


  1. Sean

    Michael Jordan = Regular
    He b-balls vs. the aliens in Space Jam.

    R. Kelly = Alien
    He used his mind powers to convince
    us that ain’t him in the video.

  2. hek718

    whooooaaaaa… I just checked some flix of Megan Fox’s thumbs! she def get the alien vote. I’d do an alien tho….

  3. nate martin

    finally, someone else has noticed that girls thumbs. i knew i wasnt trippin’. i dont know if i could let her touch my “woohah, got you all in check” (alternately, if she gave me a head nod, i fear perhaps the young lass may in fact break her neck)

    yaw yaw yaaaaaaw yaaw yaw,
    yaw yaw yaaaaw…

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