December 3rd, 2009


Yeah like the Ants said this wasn’t the strip I had planned. But come on, this is gold!!
I’d say the song Counseling by the Clipse featuring Pharrell on the Til the Casket Drops is the perfect song for this week.
(that album ain’t in retail yet but holla at that when it’s out)

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Eat well and relax greatly.
And read some comics!!

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Thanks Hollarate!


  1. Jared Fletcher

    THIS might be one of the best strips you’ve done yet.

  2. Alan

    No “might” about it!

    “She look mad regular” and “When you do it ‘Level UP’ made me pee myself. Mad incontinence, yo. Ima send you the laundry bill for real.

  3. nate

    iunno if id call brad pitt level upper…id take anniston over jolie anyday. i dont really even like blondes like that. i mean jolie was cute in high school but then what happened? could we get her a sandwich? why are celebrities happy to look emaciated these days? i mean lindsey bin laden used to be cute too but then she got high then she got high then she got hiieeeiigh. so yeah im mad she can afford a personal assisstant and crash a 100,000 dollar plus amg benz but can feed her self. saw pic of tori spelling the other day. you know when shaving cream sits for a while and starts to dry out? thats what her skin looked like. old cream. shes malnurished for sure. i dont know if shes fake chesty or not but shes so skinny in the pic i saw of her in her green bikini that it looked as if she had a boob job ages ago and her skin was losing its elasticity and you could see the bags through her “old cream” skin.

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