Leggo My Eggo Son Of Odin
December 17th, 2009

Leggo My Eggo Son Of Odin

Yes Eggos are that serious. They even have a page for the shortage on the Eggo site here.

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  1. hek718

    wow. I did not know that. Lucky for me I kicked my Eggo addiction around 2002….

  2. Jesse

    Cool eggo Germanic mythology connection.

  3. julian


  4. julian

    How are you going to kick Eggos man! They are great!!!

  5. nate

    yo. ::pound:: you made a strip about food. son. this was highly amusing. i can totally relate to this. f*** a bernini sculpture the 16:9 pannel is the greatest thing i ve see in my life. “we ridin on asgaurd” – perfect. siege theses nuts, ha! and did some one put on a vision costume? maybe its iron man? either way thats hilarious. oh wait you said thorbuster…iron man. oh the simplicity of that forth panel.

  6. Filthy McMonkey

    Dang, man! That mofo in the last panel gots him some Hulk Hands on? I love me my Hulk Hands!

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