Rainbow Road Turnpike
December 24th, 2009

Rainbow Road Turnpike

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  1. nate martin

    yes. keep going. love it.

  2. Jared Fletcher

    That might be the first Stringer Bell reference I’ve seen in comics. Well done.

  3. julian

    Thanks man. More comics need to get up on that Wire.

  4. Jared Fletcher

    I’m in season 4 now. Best line of the series is from Mayor Royce. “Bout time we show this lost cause high grass motherfucker what life is like in the wilderness.”

  5. julian

    Yeah man, I started rewatching the whole thing from the beginning. I’m about to finish season 2 again. The Mayor is a great character.

  6. Bach2099

    As I catch up on my PKDmedia pods and Ants I am also Netflixing the Wire, greatness all around!

  7. julian

    Thanks! The Wire is greatest show ever!

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