We Gotta Map For That
December 31st, 2009

We Gotta Map For That

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  1. Ben

    Julian man, I think this arc might be some of your finest work to date. It just proves my point that Verizon is the jam.

  2. nate martin

    i find it interesting allegedly while verizon claims to have more coverage, at&t has a similar amount i believe, although, it is rumored if not true at&t’s runs faster.

  3. hek718

    dope story arc, been gone for sec but its good to see the Ants still causing trouble.

  4. julian

    Yep. Running through other realms for breakfast.

  5. julian

    AT&T has weak 3G coverage. They do have decent overall coverage, but their 3G is lame. San Fran and NYC gets defeated all the time to the point where AT&T stop selling iPhones over the net to NYC.

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