February 4th, 2010


I was recently on my good friends Comic Geek Speak podcast talking about comics in general. Give it a listen.

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Thanks for reading! Hollarate!


  1. Wood

    Gettin’ all Dig Dug up in the castle!

  2. Jared Fletcher

    I like that we read the same 3 book this week.

  3. JTW

    Brave and the bold is awesome, I liked the first plastic man episode

  4. nate martin

    jake sully cant see me…hah!

  5. Remy Stark

    Julian, man I’ve heard you a few times on CGS! I heard the newest episode you were on and decided to check this out. Ballin’ …all of it. Sheer genius. I went back and read all the Ants. Expect me back every Thursday.

  6. julian

    Thanks alot! I’m glad you enjoy the strip and my appearance on CGS. Glad I got another reader!! ENJOY.

  7. julian

    That’s right.

  8. julian


  9. julian

    It’s my favorite cartoon.

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