Clash Of The Eggos
April 1st, 2010

Clash Of The Eggos

And with that the first Ants storyline is DONE! Hope you guys enjoyed it. Back to regular strips now. Just them chilling and dropping the knowledge-god on y’all.

Hey everyone I am in the newest issue of Heavy Metal Magazine.
I’m the artist spotlight and I have the back cover. It’s out now, go check it out.

Man sorry for the late update. I hope you enjoy the strip this week be on the look out for some bonus ones soon (I’ve been saying this forever).

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Thanks for reading! Hollarate!


  1. Bruce R

    Oh man! over already! What an exciting adventure! Thanks!

  2. julian

    Yeah It’s been going for a little while. Time to bring them home and back to regular life for a little bit.

  3. nate

    lol youre nuts odin got mead

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