Protect Your Bonds
April 15th, 2010

Protect Your Bonds

Hey everyone I am in the newest issue of Heavy Metal Magazine.
I’m the artist spotlight and I have the back cover. It’s out now, go check it out.

Man sorry for the late update. I hope you enjoy the strip this week be on the look out for some bonus ones soon (I’ve been saying this forever).

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Thanks for reading! Hollarate!


  1. Chris

    Panel 5 is exactly what I hear whenever Wood starts talking money.

  2. Alan

    HeeeeeYAAAHAHAAAA!!! ReDONK!! Look at Woodrow all up inna da crib! “Cake like Sara Lee!”

    So ANTS been berry berry good to the Lytle?? Iss like THAT?!?

    Just don’t forget which Ant **I** am!!

  3. Andy Jewett

    HA! Nice! Love that the dollar signs are ever present around J’s noggin. Grand work as always, sir.

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