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June 17th, 2010

Easy Reader

Hey everybody, so I entered the Washington Post America’s Next Great Cartoonist contest and didn’t make it in or on the gallery of entries. I’m having epic level computer issues which is why my update aren’t at my regularly schedule time of 8:00 am on Thursdays. But here are two things. First up MTV is doing this contest for the first TJ (Twitter Jockey). It’s like being a VJ but on twitter. Well I nominated myself cause even though I”m old (MTV demowise) I’m a pop culture beast. So do me a solid and go to this site http://tj.mtv.com/open-nomination/ and nominate me : @julianlytle cause if I can get on the main list that’ll be great cause I can talk about Ants to mad amounts of folks.

Number 2, Check out the Creating Webcomics panel from this year’s CGS Super Show that was in this past spring. It’s Me, Kevin Freeman, Katie Cook, Danielle Corsetto, Mike Schwartz, Dave Dwonch and Jamie Fickes. I wild out a bit talking about WCW Heavyweight belts and Ric Flair robes.

Also the next EPIC storyline is coming soon…

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  1. Jared Fletcher

    I really really like that first panel.

  2. julian

    Thanks man.

  3. nate

    this hits home.

  4. julian


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