PSA: Every Little Step I Took
August 5th, 2010

PSA: Every Little Step I Took

My homie Sean Causley is about to start his Summer Shorts for his dope webcomic Panda Force soon. I did a short 3 page piece with Shawn Pryor. That start’s tomorrow, so check it out!

First Page Friday, July 2, with updates every
Wednesday & Friday through August

Featuring the following guest writers and artists:

Creator of “Azz’s Inferno” and “Quick”
Thane Benson

Writer and co-creator of “We Make Clouds“,
and “Bernie’s Bot”
Michael Farah

Co-creator of “Ultra“, “Girls“, and “The Sword”
Jonathan Luna

Creator of “Ants”
Julian Lytle

Creator of “Peabody And D’Gorath“,
and “Greasy Joe”
Mark Penman

Founder of PKD Media, and creator of
“Mercury And The Murd“, and “Agents of COLT”
Shawn Pryor

Creator of “Space Slugs“, and
co-creator of “Aliens vs. Ninja vs. Samurai“,
and “Kaeru-Boy”
Darrin Stephens

Also debuting up-and-coming talent:

Nebadon Adams,
Michael Axt

As well as:

“Panda Force” creator
Sean Causley

Cover illustration by animator:

Don Dixon

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Check out the interview I did with the DC Comic Book Examiner, learn more about my craziness.
I want to a shout to that and give some thanks for the opportunity.

I’m having epic level computer issues which is why my update aren’t at my regularly schedule time of 8:00 am on Thursdays.

Also the next EPIC storyline is coming soon…

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