December 9th, 2010


I tried my hand a little old school lettering on this page for one sound effect. I hope you guys enjoy the page.

By the way what is the deal with the numbers and post on facebook this week? Did I totally miss a lame meme?

Also people should go and check out my friends at Action Lab Comics Kickstarter campaign for their new title called Fracture.

Hey everyone the Webcomics List award nominations are now live. Could you take some time out and nominate Ants.
But please note this stipulation,

Anybody involved in the creation, distribution or promotion of comics, either online or in print can nominate comics, but you’re not allowed to nominate your own comics or comics made by any of this year’s judges or organising committee.

If you could give me a Digg or two, feel me.

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please vote for my webcomic at Top Webcomics it doesn’t take that long and it’s helps me promote the comic. The vote link is below.
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Thanks for reading! Hollarate!


  1. Keith (Manticore) Knudsen

    Dang! They took mystery dude with them!

  2. julian

    Yes they did.

  3. nate

    shout out to wawa – lol

  4. Trusty Mutsi

    “Come on person I don’t know”. 😀

    I can’t wait to see the mess they made the the timestream. Or is our present the RESULT of what they’ve done? Hmmmmmmmm…

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