The New Guy
December 16th, 2010

The New Guy

Yo, people Tron Legacy was off the CHAIN! So good. If Tron was always like this I’d been a fan. It’s a Dude week for me since Today I’ll be seeing True Grit. I hope you all enjoy the strip, I think I’ll be doing big pages up to strip 100.

Also people should go and check out my friends at Action Lab Comics Kickstarter campaign for their new title called Fracture.

Hey everyone the Webcomics List award nominations are now live. Could you take some time out and nominate Ants.
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  1. mario

    Oh, shit! They got the Christ!

  2. Trusty Mutsi

    YES!!!! I called this when I first saw the dude! I should have actually said something, but didn’t want to potentially spoil. Dang, now I can’t prove my cleverness.

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