Habitual Linestepper
December 30th, 2010

Habitual Linestepper

Alright here it is the last strip of 2010 and I guess the beginning of the next stage of this storyline. As you see northerners, it was all god hating that caused the blizzard just like last year. But things are going to get handled.

I have some plans coming up for the next year, hopefully some cool things you all will like.

Have a Happy New Year! Don’t get to crunked up.

Comicbook Roadshow Episode 115
I’m on this podcast with Lorrie Thomas & Darrell Taylor talking to Adam Warrock. In the episode we talk about Adam’s dope album, The War for Infinity.

Me and Adam also end up going on a tangent about Crack Rap.

Also people should go and check out my friends at Action Lab Comics Kickstarter campaign for their new title called Fracture.

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