War Room
January 4th, 2011

War Room

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone I hope you had a banging New Year’s Day. I want to announce a couple things. First up is that as you’ve noticed this is a Tuesday and not Thursday. I am not moving the day of Ants, I am adding a day and making Ants a twice a week strip. So now on the days that start with the letter “T” you get a new Ants strip.

The second thing today is that I am adding a new thing called Ask the Ants. If you ever wondered anything about the Ants please send them a question at ants@julianlytle.com and those questions will begin to be answered in March.

Also people should go and check out my friends at Action Lab Comics Kickstarter campaign for their new title called Fracture.

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Thanks for reading! Hollarate!

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  1. Keith (Manticore) Knudsen

    Man, Julian, you’ve done it again! This one’s off the hook and I love the buildup for some serious throw downs! “Hit Pharaoh with Knights of the Round..” Brilliant!

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