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July 7th, 2011

Drake’s Tweets

Okay so I need money to pay for my New York Comic Con Artist Alley table for this October. First up is TPBs and HCs. I’ll add more later and probably other things but right now this is what up. And I haven’t calculated shipping at all. I just looked at my bookcase.

I’m also willing to sell the original art for Ants strips. If you would like one please go to http://ants.thejulianlytle.com/ and tell me the date of the strip. Prices will vary. Some pages have more than one strip per page.

Bleach 1-10: $3 a volume. $25 for all 10.
Elfquest Archives volume 4: $25 – never read
Gen 13 vol. 2 Road Trip:$5
Ultra-Seven Days: $5
Supernatural Origins: $5
Nightwing-The Lost Year:$5
Marvel Monsters HC :$8 (tear in dust jacket)
Avengers-Earth’s Mightest Heroes HC:$10
Harley Quinn HC:$10
The Hood HC: $10
The Exterminators vol. 1-3 $5 a piece $12 for all three
The Flash-The Wild Wests HC: $10 – never opened
The Spirit Archives vol. 22 & 23 HC: $25 each – never read
Albion: $5 -never read (Leah Moore)
Wonder Woman-Who is Wonder Woman HC: $10
Wonder Woman-Amazon’s Attack HC: $8 (never read it but it’s amazon’s attack, that’s not a good selling title)
Green Arrow Year One HC: $10 – Read it,DOPENESS Jock art.
Superman-Camelot Falls Vol. 1 & 2 HC: $8 a piece $12 for both
Sinestro Corps War vol. 1 HC: $10-never read
Booster Gold: 52 pickup HC:$10
Team Zero: $5
DC Archives Adam Strange vol. 3: $25-never read
DC Archives Batman vol.7:$25-never read
Batman-The Man Who Laughs HC:$10
Beyond (Marvel) HC:$10
Green Lantern-Wanted Hal Jordan HC: $10
Tales of Batman-Tim Sale HC : $10
DMZ vol. 1-3: $5 $12 for all three
Planetary vol. 2 HC the original printing :$12
Starman Omnibus vol.1 HC: $25 -only read up to issue 7
Apocalipstix: $4 never read
Can’t get No: $5
Filthy Rich: $8
Teen Titans vol 7 Titans East: $5
Ion Torchbearer & The Dying Flame: $8 for both
Friday the 13th: $5 never read
Wetworks (most recent series) vol 1 & 2: $8 for both
Fables vol 8 Wolves: $5
Manhunter: $5 a piece $12 for all three
Supergirl-Beyond Good and Evil: $5
Superman-Our Worlds at War: $5
Ex Machina vol.1:$5
Gotham Central vol.5-Dead Robin:$5
Desolation Jones:$5
Superman Batman Vengence HC:$10 never read
Superman Batman Torment HC:$10 never read
Tangent vol.1 &2:$8
The Other Side: $5
Stormwatch-Post Human Division vol.1 &2:$8
Jack of Fables vol.2:$5 never read
Batman Rules of Engagement HC:$10 never read
Sword of the Atom:$5 never read
Hellblazer-Bloodlines:$5 never read
Hellblazer-Joyride:$5 never read
Flash (Johns)-Wonderland:$5 never read
Flash (Johns)-Blood Will Run:$5 never read
Superman-The Man of Steel vol. 5 & 6:$8
The Superman Chronicles vol.3:$5 never read
The Batman Chronicles vol.5:$5 never read
Infinite Crisis:$5
Superman Escape from Bizarro World HC:$10 never read
Batman-The Resurrection of R’as Al Ghul HC:$10 still wrapped
Countdown Arena:$4 never read the TPB
Countdown to Final Crisis vol.2:$4 never read the TPB
Countdown to Adventure:$4 never read the TPB
JLA (90s-00s) vol.5,6,8,19:$5 a piece
The Highwaymen:$5
Army of Love vol.1:$5 never read

Hey everyone me and my friend, Sean Causley have started a new Tumblr it’s called

it’s an art project where we mash up comics and cartoons with Hip Hop/ Rap album covers. This blog is now spotlighted by the Tumblr editors in the Comics & Music sections of Tumblr.

Check out my podcast, called Ignorant Bliss-it has it’s own site to listen and get the feed.
Ignorant Bliss Podcast 9 – Green Lantern movie review

I am adding a new thing called Ask the Ants. If you ever wondered anything about the Ants please send them a question at ants@julianlytle.com and those questions will begin to be answered in March.

If you could give me a Digg or two, feel me.

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Thanks for reading! Hollarate!

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