VMA 2012 Wrap Up
September 7th, 2012

VMA 2012 Wrap Up

So I’m going to be in Artist’s Alley (table A42) chilling doing sketches and such. I’m also going to bring a short box of trades and HC with me so that I can get rid of stuff. Hardcovers will be $5 and softcovers will be $3. I might throw some comics in there for $0.25 a piece.

My sketches will be 9×12 for $20 and I’ll do sketch cards for $5. And I might do a paint marker sketch on 6×6 gessoboard for $40. And I’ll bring with me some Ants pages to sell also.

There are samples up on comic art fans

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  1. Anthony Bachman

    Those are some sweet sketches! I totally need that Madrox!

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