Morning Resolutions
January 3rd, 2013

Morning Resolutions

Hey trill believers. First I want to apologize for all the late or missing strips of late. It’s no real excuse but a ninja is getting tired. See I’m trying to make more art outside of comics since fine art is something that seems real interesting to get into. You know I got this fancy dancy Pratt Institute degree and I should use some of it’s allure nahm’saying. Also I’m spending time working on laying out the print edition of Ants that a lot of people have asked me about in the last 2 years. It takes a lot of work to do all of this solo and with a day job. My goal is to completely design the book then come to the people with the trill comic Kickstarter to get the finds to print it. So bear with me when a strip is late or missing because I am still working on Ants just not a new comic.

Also I’m planning on drawing other comics this 20Thirteen. See I’ve talked about how I think some of comics ain’t fly enough and that the game isn’t as hot as it could be but I have to stop talking and finish or at least publically start some of these other projects. Ants is only one style that I have and I need to show folks that I got mad styles like the Ghost Faced Killer in the Mystery of Chessboxing. So be on the look out and follow me on Twitter ( to stay up on things and thank you for reading.


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  1. Alan

    Lord help my jealous when you EXPLODE KICKSTARTER WIDE OPEN. Get that paper, Ant!!

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