Challenge The Throne / 3 Hunna
February 28th, 2013

Challenge The Throne / 3 Hunna

So what’s going on trill believers. For those that read this comic thanks a lot. SOrry for the late delay but I had some cloud technical issues and some weird happenings with my files over windows and OS X.

This is a big deal though. This is the 300th strip. It’s weird that I’ve sat down and drawn 300 different strips of these guys from sitting on the couch to teaching folks slang to fighting deities over frozen waffles. I really don’t know who read this or how many but for those who do thank you tons. I hope you guys are enjoying the story cause soon there shall be fighting. Since this is 300 can you please help spread it around the internet and Post the link on twitter, google+, Tumblr, instagram,new Myspace, and Facebook of course. Also if you haven’t Like the Fan page for Ants

And with that I’m out. Peaces trill believers!


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