We Bout It Like Hawk And Animal
April 2nd, 2013

We Bout It Like Hawk And Animal

So what’s up trill believers welcome to spring and the return of warm weather that I hate ( I’m bout that Ice King – King beyond the Wall ish. Cold every day!) and longer daytime hours. Yesterday I found out that I am nominated for the Best Comic Strip and Webcomic category of the 2013 Glyph Comic Awards. I’m boosted really. I was last nominated in 2010 for when I started the strip in 2009 so to get nominated again is pretty dope. It’s cool cause I couldn’t even submit my comic to the Eisners cause it’s not like paper comic that is online (basically a OGN that you read one page at a time until it’s done and you can print it as OGN). Hey maybe next year I can submit Ants vs. the Blilluminati. Also I hope you enjoy the bad kanye rap lyric puns.

Also I’m going to be in Reading PA this weekend at the Comic Geek Speak Super Show. If you’re going come by and say hi.


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