Traz’s Turn
April 9th, 2013

Traz’s Turn

So four years ago on my 29th birthday I started Ants. I started Ants because I’ve wanted to do a comic strip with them since college and I never got my act together to submit to the syndicates. Also I felt it was time to stop talking about doing things and do them. In the four years I’ve done the strip I’ve met a ton of great people and gotten a lot of great feedback. I really don’t know how many people read Ants all the time but I do know that from all the people that tell me they enjoy it that it pleases me. I really just make a comic for myself about things that I enjoy and find funny and I am glad that others find this stuff funny as well.

So don’t read this post like I’m stopping we are far from the end of the Ants’ war with the Black Illuminati so keep reading. Hopefully next year my comic meets the requirements for at least submitting to the Eisners cause you know what’s more trill than this out there. NOTHING. Oh yeah this year at the cons I’ll have a nice little Ants comic that will collect the first part 22 parts of this saga to get people into the story. Don’t fret I am still working on the book version it’s just taking me awhile to get that together. I’m a one man shop.

Peace Trill Bellievers,

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